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Welcome to the home of the Billerica Colonial Minute Men.

The American Revolution had not started. The residents of Billerica like the other towns surrounding Boston where stirring in a cauldron of patriot fervor. Loyalties were questioned. To be Tarred & Feathered meant something. Minuteman companies were active and the militias were prepared.

Yet the tradesmen & their sons still tanned leather, made brooms & cast pewter. The fields would still be plowed. The wives and daughters still baked, sewed and made candles.

This is the History we bring to Life…… recreating the real lives of the Billerica farmer, soldier & his family.




Upcoming 2014 Events
May 25 – Graveside Services at 8:30AM.in Billerica
May 26 – Memorial Day Parade in Billerica
May 29 – mini encampment at the Trahan School in
June 4 - mini encampment at the Memorial Elementary
               School in Fitchburg
June 5 – mini encampment at Groton Dunstable Middle
July 4 – Boston 4th of July parade. Our annual cookout
               at the tavern will follow

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Support the Billerica Minuteman
Statue Association

Our mission is to raise the funds to cast and install a minuteman statue on the Billerica Common.

“I believe a statue is an honorable, historical, fitting, lasting, and the ultimate tribute to the men and women who fought for our freedom” - Bill Brimer, President

Donations are being accepted at:
Billerica Minuteman Statue Association
c/o Enterprise Bank
674 Boston Road
Billerica, MA 01821
Tel: 978-262-0123
For additional
information email
Bill at

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Contact: Bill Brimer - Captain - thecaptain@bcmm.us
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